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COVID-19 Omicron

Belgium plans to ease COVID-19 entry restrictions for incoming passengers

Amidst the recent spike in the global pandemic, Belgian authorities have decided to relax the entry restriction after following the examples of several other European nations' governments.

Sweden recommends fourth COVID-19 vaccine for elder people

In Sweden, on Monday, the authorities have recommended the fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccination for people that are over the age of 80 as...

Belgium to reopen clubs, relax compulsory wearing of masks

In Belgium, it has been declared by the authorities that the restrictions that were made to protect the individuals from the COVID-19 variant will...

Belgium to ease COVID restriction, says Facon

On 11 February, Friday, the Consultative Committee of Belgium will have a conference, but before that, the Corona Commissioner named Pedro Facon has shared...

COVID-19 cases are dropping, but rate of casualties on rise by one-third: Reports

In Belgium, the people getting infected by the variant of the COVID-19 Omicron cases are showing a downward trend. Still, the rate of casualties...

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