Brussels clubs to resume facility from 18 Feb; with or without permission, says authorities

On 18 February, the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels hospitality venues and the Club facility are going to resume, and this is the mutual discussion of all of the authorities by observing the current situation.

A member of the Night Federation named Lorenzo Serra, who also represents the clubs in Brussels, mentioned, “We cooperated: since the first two weeks and after that for the few months as well as eventually we closed for two years, but enough is enough.”

Serra mentioned that the nightspots sector has been “Without perspective and with inadequate financial support since the temporary relaunch in the fall of 2021.”

During the last Consultative Committee, there was a conversation held related to the nightlife sector, but nothing was yet decided, so the people that were involved have started to work on the plan.

He further stated that the industry has little confidence in the recently approved COVID-19 barometer, Which is now in the red code.

Serra said, “The government imposed barometer seems to be nothing over an outdated tool to permanently closed.”

In the winter months, the clubs and hospitality venues are necessary as they don’t face competition from the outdoor festivals, occasions, and vacations in spring.

The clubs in Europe, including France, Ireland, England, Denmark, and Spain, have already been resumed with the approval of the government.

In the Netherlands, Under the term ‘De Nacht staat op,’ the industry in the Netherlands is developing a similar project to the one in Belgium (The Night Rises).

On 11 February in the meeting of the Consultation Committee will select the date for the re-opening of the venues, but if it is not decided on that day, then the date will postpone to 18 February.

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