Brussels to administer Novavax vaccine from March 1

In the Brussels-Capital Region, authorities will start giving Novavax vaccines to the individuals who are not able to take the other vaccines due to some allergic issues; this will be coming into effect on 1 March.

Moreover, around 50,000 shots of the Novavax vaccination is going to be accessible in the health care centres, and a maximum of four vaccination centres will get started from the coming week.

The Novavax vaccine is the alternative to the mRNA vaccines, including Pfizer and Moderna.

On Tuesday, the Health Inspectorate of Brussels, Inge Neven, mentioned, “Primarily, they are for people who are allergic to the mRNA vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna.”

Additionally, it generates worries for the individuals who have not been vaccinated yet because it has been observed that some of the vaccines create allergic reactions after undergoing some tests in an allergy centre.

Along with this, the people who have received their first dose of vaccine of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and have been facing some allergic issues will get an invitation for the Novavax shot along with the people who will get their very first doses.

Neven said about the same technology which has been effectively utilized for the other kinds of vaccines in the past, “Additionally, we want to give a chance to those who have not yet been vaccinated because they are a bit afraid of the new technology of mRNA vaccines and want to base themselves more on the older and more familiar technology used for the Novavax vaccine.”

“They will get an invitation to be vaccinated at the hospital, where we will make no distinction between Brussels residents and non-Brussels residents.”

All of the residents more than 18-year-old, un-vaccinated, can also go to one of the four vaccination centres, including Anderlecht, Forest, Molenbeek and Pacheco.

She further added, “From 1 March, they will be making the vaccine available on specific days. As of today, an appointment can be created via the call centre to reserve a Novavax vaccine.”

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