Brussels based cafe Metropole to shut down its gates by end of this month

In Brussels, the brasserie Cafe Metropole in the de Brouckere has decided to shut down by the end of the current month. As per the information provided by the sources, it has been over 130 years since it has opened its gates for the customers for its services.

Moreover, the cafe has been located in a classified Art Nouveau building, which is facing a similar issue as the Hotel Metropole.

In 2020, the Ex-five star hotel halted its functions by highlighting the financial issues that began after the terrorist invasions in Paris and Brussels, which were later affected by the global pandemic.

Additionally, it has been shared on Social Media by the management of Cafe Metropole, “It is with a heavy heart that we announce that the Cafe Metropole adventure will come to an end as of Saturday, February 26, 2022, as we have reached the end of our lease.”

The post further added, “We would like to thank you all for these beautiful moments together sincerely and for your loyalty throughout the years.”

Along with this, the declaration of its closure comes after more than a year after resuming the services. According to the data provided by the statement of Manuel Rodriguezn, manager of the organisation, accuses the changes that have taken place in the region that the city is not what it used to be.

Furthermore, he has mentioned, “To be honest, I am happy about it. Before, we had tourists, office workers who came to eat at lunchtime, and seminar clients. Today, all that is over.”


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