Belgium records over 30,000 deaths due to COVID-19: Reports

In Belgium, the cases related to the death of the individuals by getting affected by the COVID-19 variant have reached the highest point of a maximum of 30,000. As per the sources, as the Omicron variant is decreasing at a gradual speed, this is also showing a downfall in infection-related deaths.

According to the figures provided by the Sciensano Public Health Institute on Tuesday, 40.9 of the people have died in the duration of 12 to 18 February, and it has been reduced by 13 percent from the last week.

Since the pandemic has been started, the maximum number of deaths in the nation has been reported as 30,015.

The official data related to the overall deaths does not contain the details of the individuals who have died because of the other health-related concern but the person that the COVID-19 infection has infected, and this represents the deaths that the virus has caused overvalued.

Additionally, the downfall in the deaths depicts the information that the fifth wave of the COVID-19 has been passed out as the people getting affected by the infection and getting admitted in the health care centres is reducing rapidly.

Currently, there are 9,587 new cases of COVID positive individuals were noticed on an everyday basis as there was a 39 percent decrease since the last seven days.

Along with this, 69.7 percent of the individuals infected from the Omicron variant has been noticed in Belgium has been decreased by 14 percent from the previous week.

Furthermore, the maximum number of PCR tests has been received on a per-day basis has been decreased by 21 percent to 44,745.4.

The rate of positivity has been noticed at 24.9 around.

However, the current situation in the health care centres, the people infected from the variant and have been hospitalized have been reported as 209.3, which is a 20 percent decrease since the week.

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