Safe zones increase street lighting in Brussels to fight against issue of sexual assaults

In Brussels, a new action plan has been introduced by the authorities to fight against sexual harassment as there are many women out there who experience sexual violence at the time of night out on a daily basis. Recently the nightlife (discotheques) has been continued without any time barriers.

Moreover, the City of Brussels has made the partnership with multiple associations, the authorities along with the nightlife sector, are ahead of taking crucial steps with its “Nothing without my consent” plan, which contains around 77 measures to fight against sexual harassment.

The Mayor of Brussels named Philippe Close mentioned, “The aim is that every person who goes to a venue and parties feel safe both outside and inside. It is of utmost importance to the victims that the City adopt this global approach to put an end to this unacceptable violence.”

Along with this, as per the plan, all of the clubs in Brussels that will remain in the night (after midnight) will have to maintain a “Safe Zone” where the individual that is suffering from the violence will that much time in which they can call the police or can take strict action against the wrongdoer.

In all of the areas, the city lights and the cameras will be inserted in the majority of the frequented areas all over the streets for the protection of the females.

It has also been mentioned in the plan if the person is not able to go back to the home by themselves so there will be a helper who will escort them to their homes, including a “safe taxi” code.

Furthermore, a woman named Maïté Meeûs has mentioned during an interview, “Of course, there will never be a scenario in which this issue does not exist, but we are going in the right direction, and these measures will definitely result in risk reduction. We need to follow the execution of these measures closely.”

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