Two largest French streaming sites leaves off online platforms as nation clamps down on illegal streaming

Two of the most prominent French download sites are leaving off the online platform as the nation clamps down on illegal streaming.

As per the sources, one of the biggest French download sites is named, and Tirexo, an illegal streaming platform, will bring to an end.

The authorities of France have taken off on a hunt for pirating sites in recent months, as well as have increased the number of closures of illegal download sites in the nation.

Currently, two of the biggest illegal platforms have gone offline, as well as they are taking with them the communities that are tired of having to discover a new home every time.

Two of the main part of the online platform are already out of the game. Moreover, it was considered the largest download site in 2016, with 3.7 million active users per month. Zone-telechargement was forced to close after the arrest of its three creators by French police.

Along with this, several attempts to replicate their service were created, unless the opening of in August 2021, which presented itself as the true successor of the original.

The builders of such sites have made the decision to shut them down again, though they did not explain why they have made the decision to abandon everything.

The owners of Zone-telechargement mentioned in the statement, “We have closed all old and new domains linked to our site. The site’s database will be completely destroyed. There will be no resumption of the site.”

In addition, an illegal streaming platform named Tirexo, on which the users could watch tens of thousands of firms as well as the series has also shut down.

Meanwhile, on their websites, the creators made the announcement, “The Tirexo adventure ends here. Thank you for everything.”

“You can rage, yell, insult us (if we’re allowed to do that, I had to remove some comments, it hurt my heart), it won’t take away anything from what we’ve done for you and us so far. Bye.”

Furthermore, the creators stated that Tirexo would remain accessible for a few more days.

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