Consultative Committee to consult Covid-19 crisis will not meet on May 6, says Vandenbroucke

Europe: The consultative committee, which was likely to discuss the follow-up of the COVID-19 health crisis, as well as the last measures in the place, will not take place on the coming Friday, May 6, the Health Minister of Belgium named Frank Vandenbroucke mentioned in the statement, on Sunday, May 1.

According to the reports, the Minister shared the information in the statement, “I spoke out of turn.” Moreover, Vandenbroucke stated that the committee would meet on Tuesday, May 6, but it did not fit in.

On Tuesday, Vandenbroucke added the group would meet on May 6, but that date did not fit into the schedules of some participants. He said on Sunday, May 1, adding that no new date had been arranged.

Along with this, the Minister mentioned in the statement that the aim is nevertheless to hold the meeting “relatively soon.”

On Tuesday, he highlighted that if the COVID-19 pandemic continues to progress in a positive direction, the barometer could be put “in the drawer.”

In addition, from March 7, the Coronavirus barometer of Belgium is placed in code Yellow, which means that almost all health measures previously imposed to slow the spread of the virus have been eased up.

On the other hand, the next consultative committee should further relax the rules and regulations currently in force, including as compulsory wearing the facial masks on the public transport.

Furthermore, according to Sciensano, Belgium’s Public Health Institute, the majority of the indicators that are currently dropping (hospitalisations, intensive care and deaths) expect for the number of cases.

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