Belgium: most wanted drug smuggler nabbed in Switzerland

In Belgium, on 16 February Wednesday, the drug criminal named Flor Bressers, 35-year-old been detained in Switzerland.

As per the reports, the man was living with a false name with his wife and a child and did not withstand the arrest.

Moreover, he was on the list of the most wanted federal police from the previous May, and they were working on finding him out as he was living with using various nicknames, which also included De Universitair as he mentioned that he had a university degree in criminology.

According to the details provided by the sources, as the criminal is under arrest, it has been said that this is the most significant victory of all time for the Belgian authorities who were working on trying their best to track the majority of the leaders of the criminal incidents that is creating a devastating situation in the nation.

In the recent cases, a Mechelen gang leader was detained in Dubai at the beginning of this week, and he has been deported from the United Arab Emirates.

Along with this, Bressers, from Lommel, was considered to be one of the most significant drug dealers and the biggest name in the world of drugs. The organisation where he worked used to smuggle tons of cocaine from South America to Europe in recent years.

As per the details provided by the investigators, he has relationships with the top drug tycoons in overall South America and with the Dutch criminal organisations.

Furthermore, the case of Bressers is mentioned as it has been involved in the large-scale company of Antwerp named Kriva Rochem that specialises in the desalination of seawater that was used as trafficking of around 3.2 tonnes of cocaine.

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