Brussels new nightclub LIFT aims to be Europe’s largest nightclub

LIFT, a Brussels nightclub slated to debut this autumn on the canal’s Quai des Usines, aims to be Europe’s largest nightclub.

According to authorities, the proprietors are going out all the means to reach the lofty aim, from famous musicians to a lavish venue.

The founder, Olivier Da Silva, emphasized in the statement, “We want to bring the atmosphere of the big clubs in Ibiza and Miami to Belgium.”

Moreover, LIFT has a goal to maintain the reputation of Brussels nightlife, with an area of 1360m2 and a capacity of 2,000 people.

It includes a sound-proof bunker to avoid noise nuisance, and it already has 20 lasers, 500 light effects, as well as pyrotechnics, and an expensive sound system installed in the space.

Along with this, the ambassador of LIFT, Phillipe De Ryck, mentioned in the statement, “This is of an unprecedented level in Belgium, and we hope to be able to bring the best quality for our partygoers.”

Da Silva stated, in order to avoid noise nuisance, LIFT had double concrete walls installed and blinded safety doors: “It is a real sound bunker.”

In addition, besides the impressive venue, LIFT also wants to show off the biggest names in the music industry.

De Ryck said, “We keep the music very international. We don’t want to stick to one style. The more diverse, the better.” The programme is going to be announced this autumn.

Meanwhile, Brussels’ nightlife sector has been in the news lately as women clubgoers share harrowing accounts of sexual assault and harassment and clubs’ lack of preventative action.

LIFT says they want to keep the atmosphere safe for its partygoers and staff. At the time of the press gathering, they highlighted their safety ethics.

“One person from our team has completely focused on the safety of both staff and visitors,” says De Ryck.

Further, he said, everyone in the room, he underlined, will have a radio to report any problems immediately.

“We have zero tolerance for undesirable behaviour and intimidation. That will be dealt with harshly.”

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