Salmonella outbreak at Ferrero factory led to 19 hospitalizations in Belgium

The salmonella outbreak at the Ferrero factory in the Luxembourg province has already been linked to 62 infections as well as 19 hospitalizations in Belgium, with most of the young children being hospitalized for days.

The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain-FASFC withdrew authorization on April 8 for the factory chocolate manufacturer Ferrero in Arlon, Luxembourg province, and recalled all Kinder products produced there.

Moreover, this happened after dozens of individuals in various European nations, as well as the United Kingdom, were found to be infected with salmonella, which was linked to the Arlon factory by genetic testing of the salmonella strains.

While there was talk of 29 infections in Belgium a few weeks ago, the FASFC raised that number to 62 on Friday but added that “no significant increase in the number of infections is expected.”

Of the 62 cases, the regional health services were able to reach 44 people. FASFC representation Hélène Bonte mentioned in the statement, “19 of them were hospitalized for one to five days.”

“On average, they were six years old, and the oldest was 47. The main symptoms remain diarrhoea, abdominal pain and fever. Children are often sicker than adults.”

Along with this, a complete cleaning operation is taking place in the factory, as Ferrero applied to restart production on June 13.

If the company gets the approval, there will be a three-month trial period followed by an evaluation.

In addition, the Federal Minister of Agriculture, David Clarinval, stated, “The impact was enormous. Especially for the many employees of the company. We are working on a quick reopening, which will be very positive news for the company, the employees and the candy lovers.”

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