Belgium: Car slams into home; injures cyclist in Mouscron road accident

Belgium A vehicle accidentally collided into the front of a home in Mouscron on Sunday morning, before knocking down and seriously injuring a cyclist who had to be brought to the hospital, as per the official reports.

According to the fire department, the residents of the house had to be evacuated since the front wall was about to collapse.

The Picardy Wallonia rescue services were informed on Sunday morning at 6.55 that a severe accident had occurred on the Herseaux Road at Dottignies in the Mouscron area. Moreover, three ambulances, an extrication truck, a beacon truck, a command vehicle, as well as the special truck used for shoring operations were sent to the scene.

For the reasons yet to be determined by the investigators, the motorist lost control of control of his car while driving in the Herseaux-Dottignies direction.

Along with this, the vehicle bumped into an outdoor gas meter, then slammed into the front wall of a home before ending up on the cycle path, where it hit the cyclist, who was severely wounded as well as admitted to a hospital in Mouscron.

The car’s driver had to be rescued from his vehicle. He was stunned and somewhat hurt.

The firefighters quickly cut the gas meter’s power supply who then shored up the front of the building, which, they reported, threatened to cave in. The building’s two occupants, who were evacuated, were taken in by relatives.

Furthermore, Lieutenant Luc Vandendorpe, who led the rescue operation, said at about 8.00 a.m. that the city of Mouscron would cordon off the area to avoid any mishaps in case the front of the building

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