Brussels: Municipality of Evere bans alcohol consumption in public places

Belgium: The Brussels municipality of Evere is putting a full stop to the consumption of alcohol in public spaces from Wednesday, June 15, for an indefinite period. They made the announcement on Monday.

The measures were adopted by the mayor of Evere, Ridouane Chahid, and means that selling alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of over 1.2 percent will be prohibited in the municipality between 20:00 and 07:00.

Meanwhile, the ban will not be applicable to bars as well as restaurants.

The rules were adopted following a meeting of citizens in which several local residents complained about the disturbances from groups outside drinking alcohol.

Moreover, although the ban is set for an indefinite period, for now, an evaluation is planned for September.

Along with this, Evere is not the only commune to ban alcohol consumption outside. The Brussels municipality of Koekelberg has also banned drinking alcohol outdoors in many public places until the end of June.

Since Tuesday, October 5 2021, the ban on the consumption of alcoholic drinks in public spaces has been extended to a more significant part of the city of Brussels, 24 hours a day.

From October 5 2021, to October 5 2022, the consumption of alcoholic beverages (distilled or fermented, whether or not mixed) is prohibited in public places.

Furthermore, the consumption of alcoholic beverages will only be permitted on terraces with a license and at events authorized or organized by the City of Brussels.

Penalties, a violations, are punished with a municipal administrative fine of a maximum of 350 euros. The fine is increased in case of a repeat within two years after imposing an administrative penalty without ever being able to exceed the sum of 350 euros.

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