Belgium woman bars fireman from saving her husband

In Belgium, a 50-year-old man died in a fire on Friday in his home in Deinze in the province of East Flanders, and the authorities are working on the case of this incident, according to the sources.

As per the authorities, his wife has reacted aggressively when the emergency services reached at the scene. The emergency services had to intervene often with the couple due to the domestic disputes.

Moreover, by the time when the firefighters arrived at the scene of the house fire, the man’s partner had blocked their entrance as well as become aggressive towards the emergency services.

The reason for the fire is under investigation, and they are working on the case. The woman was apprehended, and firefighters extinguished the blaze, but the man had already died. As with all the fires, the cause is being investigated. Meanwhile, the presence of the crime squad at the scene would that criminal intent is being considered.

Along with this, after initial interrogation, the female was taken to the local health care centre for the treatment as well as returned to a police cell afterwards. On Sunday morning, she appeared before the investigation judge, who upheld the arrest.

Furthermore, the public prosecutor has declined to comment on the reason for the arrest. The circumstances of the death of her husband remain unclear, but as per the individual living in the neighborhood, the couple regularly argued, and there was often a lot of commotion in their apartment.

The police officials are working on the incident, and they are looking for the reason for the death of his husband.


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