Brussels: Charleroi Airport closes its doors for all departures for third day in row

Brussels, Belgium: The ongoing strike at Charleroi Airport (BSCA) continues into Wednesday, forcing management to close their doors for all departures for a third day in a row over security reasons.

Tuesday was the second consecutive day that the airport experienced major disruptions following the strike of security personnel from the company Security Masters, which are usually responsible for screening passengers.

The Security Masters agents have been denouncing for several weeks the desire of BSCA Security to split future security between two companies, fearing that this decision will lead to competition between the staff of two providers, which unions fear will lead to job insecurity as well as lower pay.

Along with this, the CEO of the airport- Philippe Verdonck, on Tuesday evening, “Tomorrow, there will be no passengers leaving the airport.”

He added to the statement angrily, “Passengers have been warned. There were five police officers injured today, and we can’t play with security. This action is outrageous and tarnishes the image of the airport.”

The strike has caused the airport to close its departures on Monday and Tuesday afternoons after security staff blocked the entrances as part of their action.

This caused huge queues as well as crowds, with people missing their flights, while certain flights have deviated to Brussels Airport.

In addition, Test Achats mentioned in the statement that the continuing strike at Charleroi Airport (BSCA) is not a case explicitly covered by regulations around air passenger rights, urging travellers to contact their airline proactively.

Trade unions have blamed the airport management for the chaos, as BSCA Security has refused to negotiate with the unions over the row. BSCA was also forced to apologise to passengers on Tuesday.

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