Security forces claimed Charleroi Airport (BSCA) inaccessible on Monday

The security forces claimed that Charleroi Airport (BSCA) was inaccessible on Monday morning owing to a strike by the security staff. Passengers are unable to enter, and nearby traffic has come to a complete stop.

Due to employee unhappiness at the Security Master, trade unions had issued a strike notice, which ended on Sunday night. This is connected to the decision made by BSCA Security, which is in charge of airport security, to select two operators rather than one for a future public tender for passenger security checks.

Concerns among security professionals include the replacement of the present agents by the new operators as well as adjustments to training and pay.

The security forces advise that no vehicle will be allowed to enter the airport premises on Monday morning. They advise staying as far away from the location as you can. The roundabouts leading to the location are occupied by employees of the business Security Master, which oversees airport security.

According to the airport’s communications department, “The unions of our subcontractor BSCA Security are preventing the security checks. The abduction of our passengers and BSCA workers by this action is absolutely terrible.”

According to reports, several aircraft are leaving empty or almost empty. According to accounts in Belgian media, when passengers eventually enter the terminal, they frequently discover that their flight has already taken off without them.

In a news statement, management states that “sharing this mission between two providers is vital to assure the continuity of the service.”

“The assurance of employment and the amount of compensation are unaffected by this split between the two providers. Additionally, union representativeness is ensured.”

The striking Security Master staff does not appear to have been persuaded by the assertion.

An update on Monday stated that the Charleroi Airport would be closed to travellers starting at 4 p.m.

This is because there aren’t enough security personnel available because of a strike. On Monday afternoon, the information was verified by director Philippe Verdonck.

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