Brussels-based company to build 1.4 km tunnel, bags contract

Belgium: Danish road authority Vejdirektoratet has given Brussels-based construction company Besix a €346 million contract to build a 1.4 km tunnel in Copenhagen, the nation’s capital.

The major contractor in the collaboration is Besix, along with the Danish business MT Hjgaard, which also contributed to the construction of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the highest structure in the world.

The sterbro neighbourhood will be connected to the capital’s ports Svanemllehavn and out to Nordhavn by the 700-meter-long Nordhavn road tunnel, which will also relieve the remainder of the area’s road network of high traffic. Access to the port’s operations will be improved.

The list of tasks also includes the construction of nearby roads and intersections, mechanical and electrical installations, and the addition of different traffic control and monitoring systems.

Besix formerly constructed Crown Princess Mary Bridge in Frederikssund for the Danish Road Administration. The bridge was Besix’s first project in Denmark and was finished in 2019.

When the deal is finalised in mid-September, building on the tunnel, which will take roughly five years to complete, is anticipated to begin immediately.

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