Mechelen drug smuggler arrested in Dubai

In Belgium, a Mechelen cocaine smuggler has been under arrest in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) named Farhan Bouzambou from a city between Brussels and Antwerp in northern Belgium, Mechelen.

As per the details provided by the reports, he was sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment at the end of the previous year because he was involved in an incident with the Dutch television presenter Frank Masmeijer.

He has been on the International Criminal Police Organization list after he was formally declared that he is guilty of a criminal offence in 2021 October. He is arrested due to the request made by Belgium authorities.

It is not yet decided if UAE permits to deport the drug criminal will set a crucial example.

The majority of the criminals that Belgium wants has that used to smuggle drugs are in Dubai. If the man has been arrested, then the other criminals will get the information that they cannot count on the protection and safety of the UAE.

Along with this, Farhan Bouzambou has been staying in Dubai for various years, where he was running a car rental business as well as a well-known restaurant.

According to the details provided by the sources, he acted as a lead in the case of Frank Masmeijer in the incident where he killed a man by beating him to death because he was not able to deliver around 500 kg of cocaine.

In 2017, Bouzambou was included for the first time by the disciplinary court.

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