Belgium records less than 1500 COVID infection every day

Belgium: Less than 1,500 cases of COVID-19 infections are reported per day in Belgium. An average of 1,470 new daily infections were identified between 23 and 29 August, and it has been decreased by 25 percent in the last seven days, as per the Sciensano Institute of Public Health.

The data was shared on Friday morning. The average number of tests taken per day decreased slightly since Tuesday to 7,600, while the positivity rate fell to 21.7 percent, meaning somewhat over one in five tests have a positive result.

The BA.5-Omicron remains the dominant strain, which accounts for 96 percent of all infections. The strain is mentioned to be no more infectious as compared to the other Omicron subvariants but is effective at circumventing people’s accumulated immunity.

An average of 5.3 Covid-19 patients died each day over the past seven days, which has been decreased by 37 percent. The number of active cases of deaths in Belgium since the starting of the pandemic is 32,534.

This includes the individuals who died of another cause but who were infected, meaning it may be an overestimate of the COVID-19 deaths.

In the last seven days, active cases of 59.1 people infected with COVID-19 were admitted to the health care centre every day, and there is a 17 percent decrease from the last seven days.

The current figures only include the maximum number of people hospitalised because of the virus. However, 776 people in Belgian hospitals were infected with the virus on Thursday, almost 100 fewer than on Monday.

Along with this, this number does not include patients that are admitted with a different condition but later tested positive. The number of COVID-19 patients being treated in intensive care reduced to 58.

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