Britain to host conference on helping Ukraine rebuild from harm caused by Russia: Truss

Britain is planning to host a conference next year which will focus on helping Ukraine recover from the harm which has been caused by Russia’s invasion, the foreign office stated, as nations gather in Switzerland for this year’s event.

The Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC2022) commencement on Monday in Lugano will talk about how to rebuild Ukraine, getting together a Ukrainian delegation with representatives of other countries, international organisations along with civil society as well.

Meanwhile, Britain added it was working with Ukraine as well as others to host the following year’s conference, & it would sit on a supervisory board to help coordinate among Ukraine along with its allies on recovery steps. An office will be set up in London.

As per the statement released by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, “We have led on help for Ukraine during the war & will continue to lead in supporting the Ukrainian Government’s Reconstruction & Development Plan.”

Truss further added, “Ukraine’s recovery from Russia’s war of aggression will be a sign of the power of democracy over autocracy. It will guide President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, that his tries to destroy Ukraine have only formed a stronger, more prosperous and more united nation.”

Russia says what it calls a “special military operation” aims to protect Ukraine’s Russian speakers from nationalist or neo-Nazi persecution. Ukraine and its Western allies say this is a baseless pretext for a war of imperial conquest.

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