Read here: Some interesting facts about John Bridge- Britain’s most decorated war hero

Britain's most decorated war hero died 16 years ago today. John Bridge won the George Cross and a bar to his George Medal for cold courage in defuzing several deadly magnetic mines in WW2.

Extreme heat warning issued in Britain; predictions to hit over 30 degree Celsius

The extreme heat warning has been issued on Monday in Britain, with temperatures predicted to hit over 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) across large parts of England and Wales. 

Britain to host conference on helping Ukraine rebuild from harm caused by Russia: Truss

Britain is planning to host a conference next year which will focus on helping Ukraine recover from the harm which has been caused by Russia's invasion, the foreign office stated, as nations gather in Switzerland for this year's event.

European Union releases advice to unnecessary staff to leave Ukraine

In Brussels, the European Union told the unnecessary employees from its diplomatic mission in Ukraine that they should leave the nation, but it has...

Joe Biden to make his first Overseas tour !

With the recent announcements made by the White House Officials, it was clear that the President Joe Biden will be visiting Britain and Belgium....

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