Around 3.5 million escaping Ukraine registers for temporary protection in EU: Reports

About 3.5 million individuals escaping the war in Ukraine have registered for temporary protection in the European Union, including many women. Although this simplifies entering the labour market, it has been posing new challenges regarding economic integration.

Most of the people from Ukraine may return home when Russian violence subsides. However, the implosion of Ukraine’s economy could mean millions stay to work in host nations. In anticipation of this, one initiative is working with dozens of major European companies, from Coca-Cola to Hilton, to help tens of thousands of Ukrainian women join the European Union workforce.

The “Sunflower Project,” which was initiated by Tent Partnership for Refugees, is active in Belgium, where it partnered with Randstad’s Ausy to help a Ukrainian woman called Nataliia Plonstak find a job at CNH Industrial as a Tech writer.

She mentioned in the statement, “When I left Ukraine, there was so much uncertainty. I thought: where will I go? Will I be safe, and how will I make a living? It has not been effortless, but I am so grateful to have arrived safely in Belgium, and I’m happy to have found a job.”

Moreover, “I have never worked in this sector before, so I am grateful to have received training so I can thrive in my new role,” she added to the statement. She also received technical as well as pharmaceutical training through the programme.

Although a recent survey showed that about two-thirds of Ukrainian refugees are mothers with higher education degrees or highly qualified specialists from sought-after professionals, they face “double discrimination” when seeking jobs.

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