Belgium: Researchers at University of Antwerp creates artificial “warm hand” for dementia patients

Belgium: An artificial “warm hand” created by researchers at the University of Antwerp may help dementia patients feel secure at night. The hand is one of six tools in a toolbox that can help residents of residential care facilities get a better night’s sleep.

A woman named Witse Beyers recently earned her degree in product development. She created a toolkit for her master’s thesis that addresses several dementia-related causes of restless sleep.

Along with this, as per the information, one in three dementia patients also suffers from sleeplessness.

According to Beyers, “the toolbox makes it feasible to establish an efficient, personalised strategy for each resident to tackle evening disturbance.” Additionally, it is an inexpensive solution without the need for drugs or freedom constraints.

The most apparent remedy is a “warm touch,” which eases the victim’s loneliness and lack of skin-to-skin contact. According to Beyers, it gives the user a sense of security by simulating a hand-in-hand effect.

The device stimulates pressure receptors in the resident’s fingers and hand, using heat to function. It’s a straightforward instrument made of soft, bendable, and readily washable materials, according to Beyers. “Healthcare experts are aware of the powerful calming effects of holding hands. Unfortunately, they do not have the time to hold the residents’ hands continuously.”

Furthermore, wireless observation and detection devices are also included in the toolbox to alert medical professionals of patient discontent during the night. The modules can be used alone or in tandem.

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