Officials announces results of men’s and women’s Semi Finals in bowling at ECC

The list of the finalists of men’s semi finals and women’s Semi Finals at ECC in bowling has been shared by the officials:

Men’s Semi Finals

Down to the very last four and two best of three matches to find the finalist saw The Netherland’s Mike Bergmann vs Scotland’s Steven Gill and The Czech Republic’s Lukáš Jelínek vs Belgium’s Matts Maggi.

The home fans were cheering early on as their man went one up against Belgium with 259-246 and in the other semi final it was an early lead for the defending champion taking the first game against scotland 223-214.

It was not to be this year for Scotland as the defending champ Mike Megmann from the Netherlands made it 2-0 with a super close 218 to Steven Gills 216 and Bronze for Scotland.

In the other semi we would need to wait a little longer for the final score as Mats Maggi levelled the match at 1-1 and a 258-237 win. It was worth the wait too as Mats smashed in a 289-237 to take the match and advance.

Women’s Semi Finals

Two fantastic matches to finish in the women’s event and two players to find for the final saw Poland’s PWBA star Daria Pajak up against Denmark’s Cecile Jeanette Dam Mortensen and Finland’s Essi Pakarinen verses Germany’s Saskia Malz.

Finland were one up after game 1 with 227 to Germany’s 205 as Poland’s Daria Pajak fired 248 to 193 to go one up.

Daria Pajak was first through as she took the second game 225-187 and a 2-0 win but the other sem was going to the wire as Germany’s Saskia Malz won the second game 198-193 and into a final decider game. That was won by Essi Pakarinen 214-193 and onto the final against Poland.

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