Belgium reports downtrend in COVID-19 cases for the first time, says experts

In Belgium, it has been the first time that the rate of hospitalization due to the COVID-19 variant has been showing a downward trend. As per the figures provided by the sources, the number of people getting admitted in the health care centres has been reduced by 3,000.

The maximum number of individuals has been reported as 210 who have been affected by the infection and have been hospitalized between 14 to 20 February on a daily basis.

According to the preliminary figures shared by the cabinet of Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke, shared the information that the numbers only includes the individuals that have died in the hospitals, not the people who faced death because of other health-related condition and after getting admitted, they tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

On 20 February Sunday, an average total of 2,964 of the patients infected from the COVID-19 were hospitalized for the treatment of the condition. On the other hand, over 33 on 19 February, this data does not reflect all of the individuals carrying the infection. It also includes the people who were first hospitalized with different health issues and, after that, were affected by the disease.

Additionally, the maximum number of individuals in the Intensive care unit has been reduced to around 320. It has been said the lowest since the November month started in the previous year.

Along with this, the average number of cases of the Coronavirus infection of approximately 10,229 of the Covid-19 conditions has been noticed on a per-day basis between 11 and 17 February.

Moreover, as per the new data related to the current situation, in all over the places in Belgium, the cases of the Omicron variant has been noticed as 80 percent.

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