Europe: The maximum number of COVID-19 cases in Belgium has gone down in the previous week. The number of hospital admissions due to the virus is still increasing, as per Sciensano’s latest figures.

The recent data public health institute of Belgium shows that while there is hope that the 7th wave of infections might be waning, hospitals are still bearing the brunt of the virus’s reprisal.

The most recent number of COVID-19 infections is encouraging. The current daily average is 6,848 cases, and there is a 13 percent decrease from the previous week.

Moreover, 36.3 percent of the 20,000 tests done daily in the last seven days came back positive, 1.1 percent less than a week before.

The situation with the hospital admission caused by the infection is looking increasingly concerning.

In addition, this week, 2,221 individuals were admitted to the hospital with the virus, with an average of 162 people per day directly as a result of their illness. This is a 4 percent increase from the last week.

An average of 123 of them were in ICU over the week, a 29 percent increase from the previous data, where they were at their highest rate since early in the month of May.

In this week, an average of 1,900 people were vaccinated every day, bringing the percentage of Belgium vaccinated for at least the first dose to 79 percent, with 62 percent having received their booster shot.

In spite of the government’s announcement of a new vaccination campaign for the autumn, this remains the case.