Belgium police uses water cannons & tear gas against protestors

In Belgium, hundreds of demonstrators were on the streets, which created conflicts among law enforcement officers as well as the marchers as they used tear gas and water cannons to hold back the individuals involved in the protest against the COVID-19 restrictions.

On Sunday, the people were throwing stones and firecrackers at the police officers, which made police use water cannons to stop them. There were thousands of protestors walking by the streets of Belgium because of the restrictions implemented by the government officials.

As per the information provided by the authorities, there were over 50,000 demonstrators who were included in the protest in the Belgium capital. Since previous months, this protest has been the biggest.

During the time when the law enforcement officers used the water cannon and the tear gas to stop the hundreds of the demonstrators who were throwing stones and firecrackers, the conflicts between the people and the headquarters of the European Union were busted out.

The EU foreign policy chief named Josep Borrell denounced the incident as “The senseless devastation and brutality,” he mentioned this statement after the people who were wearing masks attacked and damaged the glass door at the bloc’s diplomatic service offices.

According to the information provided by the authorities, they were propelled to find shelter in the metro station as they were being hurled with the metal barriers repeatedly.

There were more than 70 individuals who were arrested as they were doing hurtful things during the protest as it involved damaging properties as well as throwing projectiles on the police officers.

Apart from this, there were over 12 protestors and three officers that were admitted to the hospital, but it was a relief that they were not in a life-threatening condition.

The Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo, mentioned in a statement, “The liberty of expression is one of the foundations of our community. Everyone is unrestricted to share their opinion and views.”

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