WHO predicts end of COVID in Europe soon

In Europe, the new variant of COVID-19 Omicron has created a devastating situation among all the individuals. It is increasing at a rapid pace, and the pandemic has also been moved to a new stage, and it can be under control, the Europe director of the World Health Organisation mentioned on Sunday.

Europe has been headed towards the “Endgame”. As per the cases of the COVID virus is showing a decreasing trend this is creating hopes that it will shift from the pandemic to the effortless illness such as a minor cold or flu.

The Belgian medical doctor named Hans Kluge mentioned in an interview that the new variant Omicron could almost affect 60 percent of the residents of Europe till the end of the month of March. “It is seeming reasonable that the region is moving forward to the endgame of the pandemic,” said Kluge.

Currently, the existing wave of the Omicron variant is scraping across Europe. The main reason for the reduction in the cases of the Omicron virus in the coming weeks could be because of the vaccination as well as the individuals have that much immunity they can fight from this COVID variant.

Furthermore, the doctor mentioned, “There will be a time of peace when the COVID-19 virus will come to an end as well as it will not be sure that the pandemic will come again into existence.”

On Sunday, the Leading USA scientist Anthony Fauci shared information about the similar positiveness.

He mentioned during a talk show that the cases of the COVID-19 are recorded as a downfall in the reports “This Week”, in which speed that it is getting down makes a good impact over the regions of the United States. “Things are looking right”.

Meanwhile, Fauci further added if the decrease in the cases of the coronavirus will remain constant in the parts of the northeast in the United States, “I hope that this will lead to a turnover for the entire nation.”

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