Tourist attacks in Morocco is under investigation by France and Belgium

Terror attacks have gripped Morocco. Rabat-French authorities have opened an investigation into the killing of a 79-year-old French tourist stabbed to death on January 15 in Tiznit, Morocco.

French officials are currently investigating into the case. As per the information, on January 15, a French woman, aging around 79-years-old and was a tourist, was murdered to death as a man dragged her to the bounds of death by stabbing her in Morocco.

As per the information available, the French prosecutor’s office is investigating the whole crime scene, and the only objective behind investigating the entire case is to identify whether the accused has a motive to spread terror in the region.

Belgian authorities have also disclosed that they are currently scrutinizing into the attempted murder of a Belgian citizen in the city of Agadir.

Moreover, a man from Morocco, 31-year-old has killed a woman from France by stabbing her to death in Tiznit around the Souss-Massa region of Morocco on January 15, and all the incidents by the suspect were captured on the camera.

Meanwhile, when he was escaping to Agadir, the man attempted to murder two more individuals on the way. Both of them were tourists, along with a Belgian native. The Belgian national has sustained severe injuries during the attack.

The Moroccan police have announced the arrests of suspects on the same day of the incidents reported.

While investigating, it was traced that the man had a severe mental disorder.

A court in Sale has also confirmed about the man’s suspected mental health issues earlier this week. According to the officials, the man needs admission to a psychiatric hospital.

While the police were shocked during the investigation as they found while asking the suspect about the reason for committing crimes, he replied by saying, “I get ‘demonic voice’ in my mind, which compels me to perform the incident.”

BCIJ-Bureau of Judicial Investigation will work on further examining the issue.

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