Belgium records average of 45 deaths per day due to COVID-19: Reports

In Belgium, the number of people getting affected due to the COVID-19 infection is showing a downward trend, but the number of casualties is still rising to an average of 45 people on a per-day basis.

Moreover, as per the data provided by the Sciensano Public Health Institute on Thursday, from 7 February to 13 February, the average deaths that have been reported as 44.9 on an everyday basis which has been increased by 5 percent from the previous week.

In the last week, there were around 64 deaths that were noticed in a day, and it has been reported from the previous year. It has set a record of the most deaths.

The increase in the deaths of the individuals was mainly recorded among the people of age 75 to 84. The majority of the fatalities in Belgium since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic has been mentioned as 29,832.

Currently, the average cases of the lastest cases of people getting infected have been reported as 14,492. It has been noticed as a 45 percent reduction every day for a week.

The most transmissible Omicron variant has been reported all over Belgium as 85.8 percent, which has been mentioned as 4 percent from the previous week.

The count of the total number of the PCR test has been decreasing from 29 percent which is to 53,636.4 and in which the individuals that have mentioned as positive has been declined by reaching the highest point of the most infected people that now recorded as 30.3 percent, which is over 30 out of 100 tests are said to be positive.

There is a 20 percent decrease in the admissions in the hospital of the people infected from the COVID-19, between 10 to 16 February on seven days.

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