European Union to deliver additional 55 million vaccines by the end of February

The European Union has declared that more than 55 million COVID-19 vaccine shots are going to be distributed by the end of February month as over 25 million has been donated to Africa in 2022.

As per the information provided by the People’s Vaccine Alliance (PVA), this action will come into existence by the end of the month. The organisation and the activists came uniformly to argue that aside from lifting patent laws to allow Africa to produce its vaccines, the European Union has also hoarded doses to sell to more affluent nations. Many of these are due to expire at the end of the month.

The Sani Baba Mohammed, Public Services’ International Regional Secretary for Africa and Arab countries, mentioned, “The EU declares that it is prompting a ‘Prosperous partnership of equals’ with the African Union, yet it is throwing more vaccine doses in the trash than they are donating to us while continuing to block a waiver on vaccine patents which would enable us to produce our vaccines.”

In 2022 there is 18 percent of the vaccination of the European Union that exported to Africa.

All over the continent, around 11 percent of the individuals have got their initial doses of the COVID-19 vaccination.

However, the after of the total natives in EU/ EEA nations have got the booster dose.

The leaders of Africa and Europe will be assembled at the AU-EU Summit on two days, Thursday and Friday.

Along with this, the PVA argues that the EU has blocked the recommendations related to temporarily easing the intellectual property in order to the COVID-19 vaccines, tests and the treatments that are going to be delivered in Africa.

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