Belgium: Hundreds of strikers protest to prevent war in Ukraine

On 5th January, Saturday, there was a group of people gathered outside the Brussels Central Station for the protest in opposition of battle in Ukraine as well as against the soar in the defence budget to support the upcoming disputes.

As per the information provided by the organizers, there were around more than 200 demonstrators who took part in the protest that was held outside the Central Station. They have mentioned the concern that the conflicts between the United States, Nato and, on the other hand, Russia will explode into violence soon.

The organizer of the protest, Ludo De Brabander of the Vrede Association, mentioned, “The problem in Ukraine is climbing upwards at a rapid pace. The most concerning is that both the sides are becoming more hostile and aggressive and have the capabilities of nuclear.”

De Brabander further mentioned his faith that the issue is not getting resolved with the responsibility. “It is a problem that can smoothly be prevented.”

Moreover, the demonstrators mentioned, “It is totally possible to negotiate a non-militarized peace in Europe and reiterated that all of the people lose with war.”

De Brabander further added the group was also mad at the Belgian government as they had made the decision without having the discussion about increasing the defence budget. “The plan was made to invest around €10 billion till 2030 in the military resources, including missiles, assault tanks and much more. This is equal to the €1,000 per resident, which is disgraceful when we are already facing health and energy crises.”

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