Belgium COVID barometer likely to change in orange code soon

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats- Open Vld) mentioned that the health restrictions will still not reduce in the incoming days if the individuals’ cases of getting affected by COVID and the rate of hospitalization will continuously show a downfall in Belgium.

As per the report, the case of individuals carrying out the infection and the rate of people getting admitted in the hospitals has been reduced. The figures represent that the pandemic has come to an end, but still, it is risky to free up the restriction that was made by the officials to protect the individuals.

De Croo mentioned the active toll of the cases of the variant that the COVID-19 is moving towards the betterment of the nation. Moreover, people are less likely to get infected by the virus as they have received the primary vaccination and the booster jabs.

The current figures of the COVID-19 lead to the “Positive Direction.”

The COVID barometer, which was initiated in Belgium’s Consultative Committee, and the discussion came into existence to specify the protocols that are necessary for the protection of individuals.

Currently, Belgium is in the red code, but there is the reasonable possibility of changing it to the orange code by observing the per-day admissions in the health care centres due to the variant of COVID-19 will be noticed below 149 and in the Intensive Care Unit will be reported over 500. On the other hand, the effect of the virus is decreasing in the nation.

Meanwhile, the number of people carrying out the infection is decreasing gradually.

According to the information provided by the Prime Minister of Belgium, it is still a considerable threat to ease the restrictions. “Proper esteem has been given to the system that was put in place in the past weeks.”

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