Belgium: 21 children got vaccinated with unapproved Moderna vaccine

In Belgium, around 21 children of the age 7 to 12 have been vaccinated with Moderna’s vaccination which is not yet supported by the European Union for the young ones of this age group. Although the risk to their health is considered to be low, a wide-awake alert is recommended for several weeks.

Moreover, in the nation on 2nd February, 21 youths of the age 7 to 12 were vaccinated with the Moderna’s anti-vaccine of COVID-19, this step was taken by mistake. The appropriate and approved vaccination for this age group is Pfizer’s vaccination serum.

Additionally, this is a risky situation as Moderna’s vaccine is not yet approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the age group of 7 to 12. This mistake will be harmful to those 21 children who have got the shot,

As per the information provided by the Belga agency, the action that came into existence was not intentional. It was a mistake made at the vaccination centre in Kampenhout, Flemish Brabant.

Furthermore, the representative of the Agency for Care and Health (Vlaams Agentschap Zorg en Gezondheid), Joris Moonens had a word about the condition, “The Moderna vaccine is no yet consented by the EU for the Children,” it was mentioned in the Dutch-language.

However, some of the figures depict the information related to the usage of the vaccination between children.

The doctors have shared the details that it will not risk the health of all of those young ones, but it has been instructed that it is essential to observe them for some weeks.

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