Belgium: Green Mobility Ventures announces distribution of vehicles for micro-mobility

Belgium: Green Mobility Ventures is proud to announce that, together with Astara, Silence Urban Ecomobility will distribute their electric two wheelers (Scooters) and vehicles for micro-mobility in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Green Mobility Ventures is a privately-held family company. They have mentioned on their official social media that they have the courage to care for generations.

Silence, the leading company in the electric vehicle sector in Spain, manufactures groundbreaking products that perfectly fit into our vision of future urban eco-mobility.

Silence products offer unique and innovative features. Both the S01/S02 scooters and the S04 nanocar’ share the same retractable battery system, along with a trolley-style battery pack with wheels as well as a handle so it can be transported conveniently as well as safely.

Along with this, the S04 features two removable as well as interchangeable battery packs located under the seats. Moreover, it takes an average of about six hours to charge one battery on a normal socket, as well as the range differs from +130 km for the two wheeler to almost 150 km for the S04 car.

Two versions of the vehicle are expected, with a maximum speed of up to 45 km/h, and 85 km/h. It has been noted that no car drivers license required.

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