Belgium Embassy in UK celebrating month of remembrance

Belgium: The Embassy of Belgium in the UK is celebrating the month of November, which is traditionally a month of remembrance.

The embassy of Belgium in the UK took to their official social media account and shared information about the remembrance month.

At the beginning of the month, the colleagues of Lieutenant Colonel Bruno Plaetsier laid a wreath in the Ambassador’s name during the Kindling of the Torch ceremony in Westminster Abbey.

This ceremony commemorates the re-lightening of the permanent flame at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the end of World War II after the German occupier had extinguished it.

From Westminster Abbey, the Torch is then transported to Brussels on a pilgrimage along the many war cemeteries in time for the November 11th ceremony at the tomb of the Soldier who was Unknown.

The ceremony is one of the many examples of the strong historic ties between our two nations.

On November 11th, Ambassador van der Pluijm laid a wreath in The Flanders Fields Memorial Garden, a monument dedicated to the participants of World War I.

On Remembrance Sunday (13/11), our Defence Attaché, together with six colleagues from Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Serbia, and army and air cadets, laid a wreath at the Special Operations Executive Agents Monument.

They did this to remember the sacrifice of the brave men as well as women who were sent from the UK to occupy Belgium and Europe during WWII.

As the month of November draws to a close and people enter the month of December, we vow to #neverforget.

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