Belgium govt to pay over €110 million on building cybercrime security

The government authorities of Belgium are going to pay over €110 million to build up the cybercrime security as well as protection and power. Currently, the cases of cybercrime are increasing at a rapid speed, and it is necessary to take strict actions.

Moreover, according to the reports, approximately €61 million of the amount will be spent for boosting up Belgium’s potential to function in cyberspace as part of the nation’s €5.9 billion recovery plan.

However, in the middle of December, there was an incident held of a cyber attack which has defeated the computer network of the Belgian Defence Ministry for almost four weeks. Along with this, the staff members were not able to send the external emails, and as their work was stopped due to this, the majority of them started their work on the Whatsapp application to get their work complete.

On the other hand, the Secretary of State for Recovery and Strategic Investment, he is also the in-charge of the science policy and the deputy of the Minister of Economy and Labor, Thomas Dermine, stated, “The investments will make sure that the nation will be capable of protecting its foundation against cyberattacks as well as should be essential to perform a counter-attack.”

On Tuesday and Wednesday at the Egmont Palace in Brussels, there was a 14th European Space conference held, in which they had a detailed conversation about cyber investments.

The plan includes 105 investments and 35 reforms that have been developed to prepare Belgium for in progress digitals and environmental differences. Over quarter €5.9 billion projects are involved in digital upgrades, said the European Commission.

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