German authorities considers to ban Telegram application: Officials

The German authorities have been considering banning the application Telegram, which is an encrypted messaging app. As per the information provided by the sources, it has been accused of spreading hate speeches as well as conspiracy theories. Despite complaining about the anti-vaccinate groups as well as other content, the app authorities constantly avoid the statement of the people.

Moreover, it is a freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging service that provides end-to-end encrypted video chats. It also includes the file-sharing feature and various other things.

As per the information provided, the discussion over the application banning lies after the meeting of the German parliament to have a word about the COVID vaccination and should become compulsory. During the past few weeks, violent protests were exploded all over the nation.

Furthermore, there were some of the officials who received the death threats while supporting the government authorities. In December 2021, the state governor, Saxony, got the death warning in one of a german group on Telegram.

Meanwhile, Telegram is one of the social platforms used to prepare and support some anti-vaccine demonstrators.

Over the previous years, the messaging platform has developed and become famous in Germany. As per the survey by the data analysis company Statista from Germany, Between 2018 – 2021, the number of users on Telegram was increased. People were used to messaging more on Telegram due to the end-to-end feature. At first, there was 7 percent of the users afterwards it increases to 15 percent. German authorities considers to ban Telegram application: Officials

As per the message that was viewed by around 25,000 individuals, it has reached the people that will provide the private addresses (location) of German local MPs, Politicians and other famous personalities, as they were planning to harm them during the pandemic.

However, the well-known politicians have made strict actions on the application as they wanted the app to delete the message that contains death warnings and hate speeches itself.

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