Belgium: Emergency personnel threatened, assaulted in Schaerbeek

Belgium: During a Saturday morning intervention in Schaerbeek, rescuers from the Brussels fire brigade (DBDMH) were physically assaulted and threatened with death. According to sources, they had been summoned by a guy who immediately assaulted and threatened them. The service will make a civil complaint to the parties.

Just before 11:00 on Saturday, a man in his thirties dialed 911 because he required medical assistance. According to spokesperson Walter Derieuw, “however, when our crews got there, they were met by a person who did not want to cooperate at all.”

Along with this, the paramedics then made the decision to contact the Belgian Mobile Urgency Group for help (MUG). The individual resisted the team’s attempts to inject him. The whole MUG’s equipment was flung to the ground, according to Derieuw.

Derieuw claims that when the guy lost control, he tore his shirt, scratched one ambulance worker until he was bleeding, and placed his finger in another employee’s eye, causing ocular damage and requiring hospitalization. He also threatened to kill others. In the end, the assailant was subdued by the police.

DBDMH will file a complaint with the Brussels public prosecutor’s office as well as the injured ambulance driver.

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