Brussels: Fire broke out at kitchen in Jette, extinguished by 3 youngsters

Europe: Brussels fire brigade was called on Saturday evening to a kitchen fire in Jette, but the moment they reached the spot, the fire was already extinguished by three alternative young people from the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, Walter Derieuw of the Brussels fire brigade on Sunday morning released a statement that, “We received a call from the emergency centre for a kitchen fire in the Rue Jules Lahaye (Esseghem district) in Jette a little before 10:00 last night. When we arrived at the scene, we were met by a young resident who informed us that the fire was out.”

The fire brigade later found out that the fire had already been extinguished and the young locals had already started ventilating the house. The occupant of the flat was unharmed, and the damage was limited to the cooker.

Worse was prevented with the help of three young people from the neighbourhood who had noticed a plume of smoke coming from a window on the tenth floor of the apartment building.

“They stormed upstairs and nipped the incipient fire on the cooker in the bud,” Derieuw explained. “Thanks to their quick action, the fire had no opportunity to spread and the resident was unharmed.”

“The Brussels fire brigade would like to thank them explicitly for their resolute action and their altruism,” he added.

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