Belgium Perfumes causes serious health issues: Report

In Belgium, in the latest findings, it has been discovered that the perfumes that are sold include dangerous chemical substances. It has been underlined that the current law-making bodies do not protect the consumers enough.

According to the research by Kom op Tegen Kanker from Belgium, the Dutch Stichting Tegengif and the Danish Consumer Association has discovered the harmful chemicals which are related with the hormone imbalance/endocrine disruptors, decrease in fertility, allergies as well as the environmental damage in the majority of the body perfumes.

The director of the prevention and early detection, Kom op Tegen Kanker, Ann Gils, mentioned, “The long-term exposure to hormone imbalance, this takes place even in low amount, it may contribute to the growth of some breast cancers.”

Moreover, the organisation has specified 20 of the body perfumes from the renowned brands, including Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss and Lancôme, and their components have been compared to the list of the substances which is of concern from the Danish government, the European Commission as well as the other officials.

Additionally, there are some perfumes that include the substance Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, which is mainly contained in cosmetics to build up products that stay longer.

The other endocrine disruptor is a fragrance substance butyphyenyl methylpropional which is also known as the lilial, which was also found in one of the perfumes.

The chain of Stichting Tegengif, Annelies den Boe mentioned, “This is a reproductive toxic, which indicates that it can make the person infertile or can lead to the abnormalities in the growth of the foetus or embryo.” This chemical is going to be restricted from cosmetics in the European Union on the 22nd March.

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