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Brussels raise awareness about COVID-19 vaccinations among Ukrainian refugees

The Health authorities will begin raising awareness about the vaccination against the COVID-19 among the individuals that have escaped arriving in Belgium.

Belgium should stay in ‘Code Orange’ of COVID-19 barometer: Vlieghe

The chair of the GEMS expert group named Erika Vlieghe shared a piece of advice on Tuesday, March 23, with the government of Belgium that they should have stayed in 'code orange' of the coronavirus barometer for a little more time.

Spain removes COVID regulations but still asking travellers to obey entry rules

In Spain, the majority of the COVID-19 restrictions have been removed, but still, the nation requires entry rules based on the travellers' country of origin.

Belgium to switch to the ‘Code Yellow’ in the COVID-19 Barometer from March 7

In Belgium, the authorities have made the declaration that the nation is going to switch to the Code Yellow in the Coronavirus Barometer from March 7.

COVID-19 Safe Ticket will not be fully abandoned: Vandenbroucke

In Belgium, the Consultative Committee has made the declaration that as the nation proceeds towards the Code Yellow in the Coronavirus Barometer, this is the end of the Covid Safe Ticket. The Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke stressed that it should not be fully abandoned.

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