FIFA to donate €900,000 to war-torn Ukraine for supporting victims

FIFA- the International Football Federation has made an announcement on Saturday that they have supported the victims from the war-torn nation by donating one million U.S. dollars (€900,000).

As per the sources, the Ukrainian football federation has also provided a shipment of humanitarian help.

Along with this, FIFA President Gianni Infantino mentioned that the assistance was intended for both of the Ukrainians in the nation as well as those who had migrated to other countries.

The organisation had previously been chastised for failing to take prompt and robust action against Russia’s participation in international contests.

Furthermore, as a show of solidarity with the team that was unable to train, Scotland announced that it would forfeit its scheduled match against Ukraine. FIFA has been chastised in the past for failing to take a firmer stand against human rights violations in countries hosting competitions, most notably in Qatar, which will host the World Cup later this year.

On the other hand, the Belgian Football Federation has called on the hosts to set up the welfare centres for the migrant workers helping to build the stadiums, many of whom work in poor conditions with few of the protections.

However, on Saturday, the President of FIFA has mentioned in a statement, “In the face of this conflict, we want to do our part and support the people in Ukraine and the ones who have fled the war.”

“The FIFA Foundation stands ready to provide some of the needed assistance by coordinating with the football community in Ukraine and the region.”

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