Around 104,000 of Ukrainian migrants reached Hungary since Russia calls invasions: Reports

Approximately 104,000 of the Ukrainian refugees have reached Hungary Europe since Russia’s full-scale military operation in Ukraine.

In the reports, Chief Security Advisor György Bakondi has shared the figures that have been published, and he highlighted that the number of those directly escaping the war is estimated at around 80,000.

The United Nations is projecting that approximately 250,000 refugees will reach Hungary before the war ends.

Bakondi outlines, “Hungary is also sending unprecedented amounts of food and fuel to Transcarpathia, the western Ukrainian region with a sizable ethnic Hungarian population. The UN is projecting some 250,000 refugees to arrive in Hungary before the end of the war.”

According to the UNHCR, more than 670,000 of the residents have escaped in Ukraine in the last some days. On the other hand, the agency has emphasized that the condition looks set to become the most profound refugee crisis of Europe if the Russian assault remains constant.

After Russia attacked Ukraine, Prime Minister Victor Orbán which has been switched the migrating policy of the nation.

He noted related to this concern, “We are prepared to take care of them [Ukrainians], and we’ll be able to increase to the challenge quickly and efficiently.”

Currently, the Hungarian Defense Minister named Tibor Benkő has highlighted that the military development scheme remains constant the main priority of Hungary’s Defense Ministry.

Furthermore, the minister highlighted the significance of providing military assistance to the police officers who stay at the nation’s border.

Hungary has been reported, “Hungary’s troops have been contributing to the country’s border protection efforts since 2015… It was clear that migration pressure was on the rise,”

Since Russia has attacked Ukraine, many European nations have opened their gates for the refugees from Ukraine.

Over half of the million individuals have reached other European nations since Russia has attacked Ukraine.

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