Finland to ease entry protocols for travellers

The authorities of Finland has made the announcement that the entry rules and regulation made for the travellers have been relaxed, mainly for the people who have already been fully vaccinated.

As per the information provided by the sources, Finland is one of the nations that has implemented additional requirements such as testing.

According to the Finnish Border Guard, the facilitated entry rules will apply from February 15 to March 13. At this time, entry in Finland will be allowed to travellers. It will rely on their vaccination status and country of origin.

Along with this, for entry in Finland, the border control authority has made the decision that they can get access after a health check. On the other hand, such kinds of measures can involve checking certificates, COVID-19 tests, quarantine, health checks and collection of contact information.

The travellers from all over 27 European Union Member States, as well as Andorra, Ireland, Monaco, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, San Marino and the Vatican City, are allowed to get access in Finland by providing one of the following certificates:

  • Vaccination certificate along with the primary course of vaccination that has been received seven days before the arrival.
  • Recovery certificate confirmed by a positive laboratory test (valid for six months).
  • The document indicates that the travellers were diagnosed with COVID infection as well as administered in one vaccine.
  • A negative test result is performed 72 hours before the entry, which can be followed by an additional post-arrival test on days three and five.

Moreover, if the individual does not have all one of these documents, then the travellers are needed to show the latest COVID-19 test performed in the time duration of 24 hours of arrival. It should be a PCR or antigen test that is mentioned as valid for getting access to Finland.

The Finnish authorities mentioned, “We also suggest that you use the Finentry service before going to Finland. In this service, the person can, for example, book an appointment for the test in the country. Use of the service, an appointment for a COVID-19 test made through the service, and the test itself are all free of charge.”

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