Dutch authorities set to extradise Van Quickenborne kidnapping suspects

Brussels, Belgium: At least four Dutch suspects involved in the attempted kidnapping of the Justice Minister of Belgium Vincent Van Quickenborne, and his family, will have to appear in front of a Dutch court at the end of October, which will decide whether they will be extradited to Belgium.

As announced on Tuesday, the Dutch judicial system will make the decision that the defendants, who are mentioned to be opposed to being turned over to the authorities of Belgium.

They were apprehended on September 24 and 25 in The Hague after police found a heavily armed vehicle outside Van Quickenborne’s family home in Kortrijk.

Along with this, the four suspects, all Dutchmen aged 20, 21, 29, as well as 48, have since been charged with attempted kidnapping and are mentioned to be involved in the cross-border drug trade between Belgium as well as the Netherlands.

Furthermore, the minister has since been placed under police protection in an undisclosed ‘safe house’ and stated in a video interview that Belgium had entered “into a phase of narco-terrorism.”






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