Wallonia 5-year-old boy shot his sister in head

In Wallonia, a five-year-old boy has accidentally shot his young sister in the head on Friday after he found their father’s CZ38 9mm pistol in Seraing on the outskirts of Liège, As per the officials.

According to the sources, the girl is named Mélissa, and she is admitted to the hospital in a severe condition. The owner of the weapon was the father, the sports shooter who had legally purchased as well as registered the gun in 2021, obtaining all of the essential authorizations.

Moreover, Belgium has stringent rules and regulations for the purchase of firearms. They must be correctly stored in the place, should be registered, and the application process is often lengthy.

It is still unknown how the children were able to get the firearm, which was usually stored in a locked box.

Along with this, the specific pistol that was used is stored in the locked box, and the particular firearm is used in this apparent accident was a “double-action pistol.” This means that the hammer of the weapon does not require to be pulled back before firing, the rise the chances of accidental discharge.

Several members of the family of the young boy were detained and interviewed, and then they were released. The Detectives have so far recognized no hostile intent behind the shooting.

However, the police officer will conduct further hearings with the young boy in question.

The shooting incident that involves young ones is not uncommon in Belgium. In 2019, a 12-year-old boy from Wallonia had faced death after being accidentally shot by his friend while playing with a loaded carbine rifle.

In addition, in a similar year, a father of two children has shot his children in Dison while handling an illegal firearm. He was arrested under charges of involuntary battery as well as assault.

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