Belgium records over 220 COVID-19 hospitalizations regularly: Reports

Belgium-The maximum number of people that have been infected by the COVID-19 infection and have been admitted to the hospitals is gradually rising and has been surpassed around 220 on a daily basis.

As per the sources, the situation is getting stable looking at the current situation.

According to the figures shared by the Sciensano Public Health Institute on Friday, April 1, the average number of patients that are suffering from the variant of COVID-19 infection have been admitted to the health care center has been reported as 220.4 patients daily, between 25 to March 31, there is an increase of 17 percent observed.

Moreover, the figures that have been shared reflect that the maximum number of individuals end up in the hospital due to the Noval Coronavirus, excluding the people that are hospitalized because of the other health issue. Then they get positive for the infection.

Along with this, the Belgian virologist named Steven Van Gucht noted in the statement, “The number of coronavirus infections and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 continues to increase. The rise seems to be leveling off in Flanders, but not yet in Brussels or Wallonia.”

On Thursday, March 31, the maximum number of 2,979 individuals were getting treatment in the hospital by getting affected by the virus, which has been increased by 59 as compared to Wednesday.

However, the number of people that are getting treatment in intensive care Unit-ICU is constantly decreasing, and now it has been reported at 172.

The figures include all of the people who have been tested positive for COVID-19, including those who have been admitted with different health issues.

On Tuesday, over 9.12 million individuals were fully vaccinated, which was increased by 89 percent of Belgium’s adult population as well as 79 percent of the entire population.

Furthermore, over 7.1 million individuals have received a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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