Ukraine Cancer patients gratefully receives treatment in Belgium

Almost six million people from war-torn Ukraine, among them a large number of cancer patients who, gratefully, received treatment in Belgium as well as the European Union.

Because most of the hospitals were being exploded by the army of Russia, the majority of the Ukrainian refugees were also patients who could no longer receive treatment in their nation.

One organisation that has been assisting most of these patients is CF Patients of war-torn Ukraine, which is a charity fund that unites different organisations with different diseases as well as communicates with the government and the Ministry of Health in Ukraine regarding issues of drug procurement.

Moreover, Athena – Women Against Cancer is a member of the organisation CF Patients of Ukraine.

Viktoria Romaniuk, the Vice-President, shared the information about the situation regarding the patients from Ukraine.

Along with this, Romaniuk expressed that the day the first bombs landed. “I returned from Kyiv on the morning of the February 24, where I was on business for our organisation. I reached in my hometown, Lutsk, at 5 in the morning.”

“Missile attacks began all over Ukraine, including Lutsk. When I visited Athena in the morning, I saw panic and chaos. They urgently evacuated and discharged the patients there, and those who were not transportable were sent to bunkers.”

In addition, at the time of the interview, about 906 hospitals had been damaged by the bombings, with 123 destroyed.

Romaniuk stated, “Lastly, the state could not provide cancer patients with drugs, but patients could purchase them themselves. But with the war, many people lost their houses as well as jobs, putting the treatment of cancer patients in a very critical condition.”

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