UK: Serial animal abuser jailed for brutally killing 2 Spaniel puppies

United Kingdom: In a recent, a serial animal abuser, named Jimmy Smith from Ashford, Kent was arrested for killing two Spaniel puppies. The  Spaniel puppies – named Sky and Angel – died a horrific death after Smith repeatedly slammed them onto a concrete floor. One puppy died at the scene, while the other was put down at a veterinary practice.

This was Smith’s second known conviction for animal cruelty . In 2013 he was jailed for 90 days and banned from keeping pets for 10 years for failing to feed and get treatment for a sick lurcher puppy. The emaciated pup, dubbed Orphan Annie, was found weak, cold and barely able to stand due to ulcers on her paws.

Smith has several FB profiles and regularly uploads photos laying bare a disturbing interest in all kinds of animal cruelty, including illegal bird trapping, hare coursing, hunting with dogs, cock-fighting, dog-fighting and backyard breeding.

One former neighbour of Smith’s told us how he kept a horse in his tiny front garden for well over a year. They wrote: “that poor horse was so badly treated, but no one cared at all.”

They also described how Smith used to sit in his garden in the middle of a housing estate shooting wild birds. His dogs, they said, were subjected to regular beatings “in broad view of anyone who was around, knowing that no one could do anything.”

Smith and his extended family are also said to be responsible for the widespread abandonment of horses and foals in the Ashford area, which was a particular issue in 2018.

Last week Smith was jailed for seven years and five months for animal cruelty and domestic violence, so that will keep him out of action for a while at least. Around 20 members of his family were in court to console him as he was sentenced.


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